Dragons, Airships, & Death Unicorns

Howdy! Today I'm so excited to bring you an author interview from Janeen Ippolito! I discovered her Ironfire Legacies books last year around when book 1 came out and I very quickly fell in love with this steampunk world full of dragon shifters, airship captains (more on this later), and political intrigue (I even learned … Continue reading Dragons, Airships, & Death Unicorns


The Wolf Prince – Meet The Characters!

Howdy! Let's just pretend like I didn't disappear right after I launched a book. *sheepish chuckle* I've employed the philosophy of a "soft launch" for this book, which means I hit publish and then basically went and took a nap. But it's been fun so far! People have liked it, which has reduced some of … Continue reading The Wolf Prince – Meet The Characters!