Hunt For Star Flowers – #BlogBattle #AdelasCurse

Howdy! I'm using two characters from my upcoming book, Adela's Curse, for today's #BlogBattle hosted by Rachael Ritchey! Check out her blog for the rules and for all the other fantastic entries. If you liked this story, stick around this Thursday for the cover reveal for Adela's Curse! Genre: Fantasy Word: Lollipop “Lidia, are you … Continue reading Hunt For Star Flowers – #BlogBattle #AdelasCurse


Character Stories | Liam – Part 4 #wednesdaycharacterstories

Howdy! It's Wednesday so that means Character Story time! This week we're picking up right after the Calorin commander executed the other officers of Lynwood Keep and sent Liam to the dungeons. And I promised some excitement this week. So without further ado, part 4! (I backtracked a little. To see what happened last week … Continue reading Character Stories | Liam – Part 4 #wednesdaycharacterstories