Burning Rose Cover Reveal!

Howdy! I think I've posted on here about some awesome fairy tale retellings by Hope Ann. She's in the process of bundling the first three novellas of her Legends of Light series into one glorious volume titled Burning Rose. It's going to be epic. And today, we have the cover. But first! About the book! … Continue reading Burning Rose Cover Reveal!


Tales of NaFianna Book 3 Cover Reveal!

Howdy! Today is a super fun day! It's time for the cover, and title, reveal for one of my favorite books series ever - The Modern Tales of NaFianna by Hazel West. 🙂 Seriously, it's an alternate urban fantasy with Irish guys, fast cars, swords, magic, and rock ballads. What is not to love? So … Continue reading Tales of NaFianna Book 3 Cover Reveal!