Here There Be Sea Dragons

Howdy! Since the last month was kind all about The Wolf Prince on the days that I actually did post something *coughs awkwardly*, I've decided to reveal a little bit about the new project I'm working on. And also because I've kind of been teasing it around and multiple people have demanded to know more about it. … Continue reading Here There Be Sea Dragons


Interview From The Future!

Howdy! So the other day, the lovely Sarah Addison Fox and I were chatting, exchanging bookish and life news, and discussing the various merits of the superior candy M&M's, and decided to interview each other for promo purposes. We conducted it live and just decided to let you see the hot mess that is our … Continue reading Interview From The Future!

Achievement Unlocked: Forever Long Novel Completed

In which I relate 100% to Frodo after destroying the ring. I FINISHED WRITING THE MOUNTAIN BARON!! It took me just over four years. 2-3 different plot arcs were cut. At least 1 character didn't make it into the final version. And the grand total word count is 135,592. This is the longest thing … Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: Forever Long Novel Completed

Exploring Calvyrn – Irresistible World Building Blog Hop

Howdy! Today as part of the fantabulous Janeen Ippolito's launch of her new writing book Irresistible World Building , I have been invited to share about one of my story worlds! I picked Calvyrn from The Wolf Prince  in honor of it going to the editor today and being published later this year. 🙂 For those of you … Continue reading Exploring Calvyrn – Irresistible World Building Blog Hop