The Wolf Prince – The Faeries of Myrnius Book 2

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Status~ Finished at 54K. With Betas.

Prince Killian of Calvyrn has always known he is cursed. He can hear the wolves howling and knows they are calling to him. A sorcerer needs the blood of a magic animal to trap the faery folk forever. When he hears of the centuries-old curse on the royal family, it is but the work of a moment to change the young prince into a wolf. Now Killian, his brother Lars, and Rose, a young Ranger trainee, must outrun the sorcerer and his minions as they try and find a way to lift the spell over Killian. The faeries of Myrnius might be their only hope but once Killian steps foot outside of Calvyrn, he will no longer be hidden from the sorcerer. Is that a risk they are willing to take? Can they lift the curse by the summer solstice when the sorcerer’s magic will be fulfilled?

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The Mountain Baron

Genre: Christian Fantasy/Adventure

Status: 58K/80K

The man known as the Mountain Baron turned his back on the world after it turned on him. Branded a traitor and accused of killing the prince, he takes to the mountains of Alsaya and builds a stronghold of outlaws and outcasts. He believes in nothing but the justice he was refused. He wants nothing more to do with God, Alsaya, or his Clan. But when word reaches him that a lord has seized his brother, a Seer of Clan MacDuffy, he rides from the mountains. That would be the lord’s last mistake. MacDuffys look after their own.

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The Sword of Kirraine

Potential subtitle – The Lost Son

Genre: Christian Fantasy/Adventure

Status: awaiting intensive re-writes

Lord Darius has taken the eastern half of the continent and now looks west. Kirraine is all that stands between victory for him and his fire god. Princess Helena reluctantly becomes heir to Kirraine’s throne – a burden that would have been her older brother’s had he not died years before. When captured in the heat of battle, Helena joins forces with Darius’ lieutenant and his servant to escape.

To defeat Darius,Β their only hope lies in a legend of a sword left by Ilias, a man immortalized in Kirraine’s history as the man who defeated a demon. But can they find the sword before it’s too late?

Note- this is the first in a potential series of 12 books, each focusing on different people through Kirraine’s history that are called to seek the sword. So far I have another 5 planned and in various stages of development.


Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure

Status: in re-writes/editing – temporarily on hold

David Standish thinks he’s in for another ordinary summer on his grandfather’s west Texas farm until Captain Zoey Blackheart crash lands her airship in their backyard. One repair job later, David is signed on as a crewmember on the Saltador, a ship that can travel between planets through portals accessed by long forgotten technology. But Captain Blackheart’s past is racing closer with every job they complete and she, David, and her crew must stay one step ahead of her enemies. David is in for the ride of his life, making new friends and enemies and uncovering a plot that could destroy an entire planet!

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13 thoughts on “WIPs

  1. I’d like to hear more about The Wolf Prince and World Jumpers, they both sound great! You have me intrigued what the “prequel” story of Wolf Prince is like. I agree with your sister, you should publish it πŸ™‚

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